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Good gifts are great for business. Connect with colleagues and customers this holiday season with gift cards and vouchers from Uber – easily ordered, used and enjoyed by everyone.

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The gift that keeps on giving

Efficient expensing

There’s no fun in the faff of expensing. Pay upfront or at the point of use, and track claim status. Don’t pay any hidden fees and have full visibility on spend.

Fuss-free flexibility

Recipients can enter the code and use it for future use and choose how to use their credit, with either rides and restaurants.

Straightforward security

All our vouchers and cards can be digital. We can safely deliver the codes to your recipients in bulk, or help you manage email distribution.

Gifting doesn't get any easier

Reward your employees and thank your customers by covering the cost of rides and deliveries.

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Recipient gets a code via SMS or email.


They can then add the code to their account for immediate or future use.


They’re then ready to place an order or request a trip and enjoy!

Trouble-free team treats

Give your team a tasty treat to enjoy over lunch or after work. Purchase a gift card to a value of your choice and send it via your preferred channel.

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Treats to engage customers

The treats your customers can’t resist! Want captive customers and a competitive advantage? Pump up your loyalty schemes and offers by adding an Uber gift card or voucher.

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Virtual engagement? No problem.

Uber gift cards can be sent digitally and even more, with Uber vouchers, you can set spend limits and time of day to save on costs.

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