Make moves with Uber for Business and Deem

Streamlined business travel

Uber for Business and travel app Etta, powered by Deem, have created a new integration, enabling users to manage business travel in one place. Now it’s easy to search for, reserve, and book rides with Uber from the Etta app.

With email reminders and in-app notifications 24 hours before a trip, Uber for Business with Etta helps drive adoption of any travel program through a seamless booking experience.

Experience Uber for Business in the Etta app

Reserve reliable rides

Uber Reserve rides will arrive before the arranged time, wait up to 15 minutes, and come with a $50 Uber Reserve Guarantee.

Go green

Travelers enjoy the flexibility to select Economy options like UberX, move sustainably with Uber Green, or elevate travel with Uber Black or Uber Comfort.

Provide peace of mind

Uber's safety technology and Community Guidelines for healthy, respectful, and positive experiences help ensure that travelers feel secure whenever they use Uber.


Enjoy the flexibility and ease of Uber in the Etta app

Control spending

Set parameters, ensure compliant booking, and have full visibility and reporting on traveler activity in the Uber for Business dashboard.

Simplify itineraries

Streamline the booking process by keeping trip reservations, including ride requests and reservations, in the Etta app.

Make updates seamless

When a trip is canceled or modified, Etta will automatically remind travelers to sync their reserved ride with updated trip details.

Meet Uber for Business

Uber for Business is a global platform that enables companies to provide their business travelers with ride options based on their needs and preferences. There’s more than one way to move with Uber, no matter where you are or where you’re headed next.

Uber for Business provides access to flexible ride options, seamless expensing, and a consistent experience worldwide. Plus, travel managers can tap into the Uber for Business dashboard to review employee trips and generate insightful reports.

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Get started with Uber for Business and Etta