Unlocking the future of how our cities move, together

Uber is partnering with cities and transit agencies around the world to make it even easier for people to move around.

We believe in the power of combining the best of public transportation and ridesharing to create more reliable, convenient, and affordable mobility options.

Research shows that such a mix could cut down congestion, reduce car ownership, and cut down on major parking footprints by as much as 97%.1

Fill in your details to learn how your city or agency can partner with Uber to implement programs to improve urban planning, complement existing infrastructure, and make transportation more accessible to everyone, everywhere.

How can Uber help?

  • Transform the commute, reduce door-to-door travel times, and complement public transit systems by enabling quick rides from transportation hubs to offices
  • Build smarter, greener cities by reducing the number of individual drivers and parking lots
  • Identify and rethink underutilized infrastructure and inform urban planning with Uber’s Movement anonymized data
  • Attract talent and develop workforces by pioneering innovative transportation programs for city residents
  • Increase access to transportation for riders with disabilities 
1 International Transport Forum, 2017, 'Shared Mobility Simulations for Helsinki'