Uber Health platform expansion

Uber Health is designed to address the challenge of coordinating benefits by simplifying and enhancing the entire patient journey—from getting to a primary care appointment to accessing critical prescriptions and groceries.

Now, in a single platform, in addition to the curb-to-curb rides and prescription delivery that you already access, you can access delivery of grocery and OTC items directly to patients’ homes, and more options for wheelchair and door-to-door rides (the latter are available at first only in CA, GA, NC, and TX, but will continue to expand).

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Increase adherence and improve outcomes

Close gaps in care across the patient journey by ensuring that patients get to preventative appointments and have the medicine and food they need at home upon return.

Enhance operations

Enable coordinators to request rides and deliveries—for prescriptions, groceries, and over-the-counter items—within the same tool and discharge patients faster.

Gain insights to measure results

Track utilization at the patient or member level, customized to your organization’s benefit structure or allowances.