Postmates for Work is now
Uber for Business

Good food is great for business

Postmates and Uber Eats have teamed up to bring you an even larger and more efficient delivery network.

Motivate your employees and delight customers by having meals delivered directly to them.

Let us know a little bit about you and your company and we will assist you with next steps.

Safety is a top priority

From a no-contact delivery option to COVID-19 checklists for drivers and riders, we’ve taken steps to help users stay safe.

Wide variety of reliable meal options

Pad Thai. Pizza. Salads. Burritos. Let employees and customers order from over 400,000 restaurants, while you control budgets and policies.

Business policies and controls

When you treat clients, guests, or employees to meals, you can set rules and limits to control costs.

We make it easy for you to keep everyone safe and satisfied