Elevate in-office dining and satisfy appetites with Uber Eats meal planning

Offering food is an effective way to engage and retain employees

Provide employees in-office meals they’ll enjoy with meal planning on Uber Eats. Meal plans let you manage all your office group orders in one convenient place. Choose from 890,000 merchant partners globally and schedule the week’s meals ahead of time, and manage it all with speed and ease.

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Matt Jahansouz
Chief of People Officer

"The health and well-being of our colleagues is a top priority. The benefits we provide, both in and out of the office, contribute to the strong culture of our firm as well as the satisfaction and productivity of our amazing team members."

Set you and your team up for success

In-office dining on autopilot

Easily schedule recurring in-office group meals with Uber Eats. Our automated invites, daily reminders, and auto-checkout feature ensures a hassle-free ordering experience
for you and your team.

Reduced costs and less waste

Each employee can select their own meal to prevent over-ordering and food waste. And
to ensure that meals stay within budget, you also have the option to set spending limits. You can enable the coordinator to cover all expenses or have participants pay individually.

Diverse meal options

Add multiple restaurant choices each day, allowing employees to indulge their taste buds, accommodate dietary needs, and select their ideal lunch with flexibility.

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